An [emotionally re]active art project by your good friend Dani.

bother babes

Current political climate got you down? Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or maybe just too hungry to get anything done?

I feel ya man, and I wanna help.

Here’s how this works:

1.  You tell me what’s bothering you.

Fill out the form, or leave a comment on any of my social medias (here, here, and/or here). It can be personal or political, emotional or dry, really deep or shallow-as-shit.

2.  I will draw something that is inspired by your bother,

thereby [hopefully] making you feel less, well, bothered.

3.  Your drawing will then be available for purchase (here).

Illustrations will be posted weekly. Sometimes it will be a print. Sometimes it will be a t-shirt, or a button, or heaven-forbid a tote bag. A portion of the profits from your purchases will then go to an organization that can help to fix said bothersome problem.

4.  You will receive your bother product via mailwoman.

And also a postcard that you can send to your senator/congresspeeps/bestfriend/grandma/least favorite parent/ex-lover/current lover so you can let them know what’s bothering you too.

5.  By enacting change, we can all be a bit less bothered.

So come on!

Share your worries, give me your burdens, tell me your bothers.

Let's get through this together, babes.

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